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Automotive Product Offerings

For over 35 years, we have been an innovator and leading provider of vehicle protection plans and related finance and insurance products to the automotive industry. Our core product offerings include protection against mechanical breakdowns, total vehicle loss, vehicle theft, minor cosmetic repairs, tire and wheel damage as well as maintenance incentive programs.

Extended Vehicle Protection Plans

Convenient, pre-paid customer vehicle maintenance plans, with optional expense financing.

Vehicle Protection Plans Mechanical Breakdown Ins. Guaranteed Asset Protection Theft Deterrant Systems Paintless Dent Repair Tire And Wheel Coverage Limited Waranty Maintenance Programs Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) Theft Deterrent Systems Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Tire and Wheel Coverage Paintless Dent Repair Limited Warranty Maintenance Programs

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Mechanical breakdown coverage for a variety of major automotive components, or an extension or supplement to the original manufacturer's warranty coverage.

Insurance product that works similar to a vehicle service contract with mechanical breakdown coverage for a variety of major automotive components.

Protection against unexpected expenses, including a total vehicle loss.

Vehicle deterrent systems to meet every consumer need, including window etching, UV stickers and DataDots.

Protection for door dings and minor dents.

Protection for wheels and tires from damage due to road hazards.

Written limited warranty and insurance coverage for dealerships to easily meet state and federal law obligations.