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Cancelling a Vehicle Protection Plan

When requesting a cancellation of a vehicle service contract, we recommend returning to the issuing dealer or seller from whom you purchased your vehicle service contract. However, there are certain instances where MBA will process a cancellation directly.


To cancel coverage, please complete the VSC Cancellation Form and return it to us along with all documentation required. Cancellation requests are typically processed within five days of receipt. Cancellation requests received prior to the last business day of the month will be cancelled within that same month.


Documentation requirements in addition to a completed VSC Cancellation Form include the following:

 –  Loan Repayment - If the vehicle and your contract were financed together and you have paid off the

     loan, please submit a copy of paid-in-full notice from lien holder

 –  Repossession - For vehicle repossessions, please submit the lien holder request

 –  Total Loss - For vehicles that have been declared a total loss please submit a copy of insurance

     company report


Cancelled contracts may be eligible for a refund. Please refer to your contract for complete details on how a cancellation refund is calculated or contact us to obtain a quote. If you financed your contract with your vehicle, any applicable refund will be sent to the lien holder unless your loan has been paid in full. If your contract was financed through a third party finance company and there is a balanced owed, the refund will be made to the finance company.



Please review your contract for any additional cancellation provisions and contact us if you have questions.


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