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Optimum Auto Coverage Plans

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     –  Most comprehensive coverage available

     –  Exclusionary coverage - ultimate protection for all of the parts and components of the covered vehicle,

         with the exception of those parts and components specifically excluded in the contract


Platinum Preferred

     –  Best named component coverage available

     –  Coverage protecting 17 major component areas of the vehicle



     –  Extensive named component

     –  Enhanced coverage protecting 12 major component areas of the vehicle



     –  Value-oriented named component coverage

     –  Basic coverage protecting 12 major component areas of the vehicle


Optimum Performance / Optimum Climate / Optimum Power

     –  Powertrain Plus coverage programs

     –  Designed to protect key major components of the vehicle



     –  Affordable powertrain coverage program

     –  Designed for high mileage vehicles and high mileage drivers

     –  Protects against costly repairs for the engine, transmission and drive axle


Diamond Wrap / Platinum Preferred Wrap

     –  Supplemental coverage programs

     –  Picks up where the original full manufacturer's warranty leaves off

     –  Options include exclusionary and named component coverage


Additional Coverage Options

The following coverage options are available on certain coverage plans listed above


Commercial Use - Available for New Vehicles used for service and repair work, delivery service, farming, ranching and light duty contracting and more


EnviroSelect - Additional coverage for certain exhaust and emissions components, including the catalytic converter


Hybrid Electric Vehicle Package - Additional coverage for certain key components unique to hybrid electric vehicles


Lifted Vehicle / Oversized Wheels & Tires- Required additional coverage for vehicles equipped with oversized wheels & tires and/or body or suspension lift kits


Luxury Electronics -Coverage includes a number of high end electronics found on today's luxury vehicles including: autonomous cruise control systems, rear entertainment systems, parking assistance systems, internal hard drives, collision avoidance systems, and more


Power Tech & Electronics - Coverage includes a number of electronic components including power sunroof motors, convertible top lift motors, factory installed anti-theft systems, fuel injection sensors, and more


Premium Electronics - Coverage includes GPS navigation systems, radio, dash mounted CD/DVD players, rear monitoring cameras, parking sensors, and more


Snowplow Package -Required additional coverage for vehicles used for snowplowing

Coverage Plans