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First-Class Claims Administration

Our claims administration team provides first class customer service and fast, effortless claims handling for our customers. Claims processing typically takes just a few minutes from start to finish. Callers experience a 50-second average speed of answer with call resolution in as little as five to ten minutes. In addition, the dealer or licensed repair facility will bill us directly for all authorized covered repairs.


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What to do in the Event of a Mechanical Breakdown

 –  We encourage you to take the vehicle to the issuing dealer from whom you purchased your

     contract. However, contract holders may take the vehicle to any the licensed repair facility

 –  If the vehicle is inoperable, and to prevent further damage, immediately stop the vehicle and call 1-

     888-787-8227 for Emergency Roadside Assistance to facilitate transportation of the vehicle to the

     dealer or licensed repair facility

 –  Provide the dealer or licensed repair facility with your contract number and our toll free number 1-

     800-877-7071 and instruct them to contact us with the diagnosis and estimate of the repairs and    

     obtain authorization prior to proceeding with repairs

 –  In situations where it is necessary to tear down the vehicle to determine the cause and cost of the

     repairs, the dealer or licensed repair facility must obtain prior authorization from us

 –  We will reimburse the dealer or licensed repair facility for the cost of authorized repairs less any

     applicable deductible stated in your contract.

 –  Failure to get prior authorization from us for any covered repair may result in denial and non-

     payment of a claim.


Please review your contract for any additional claims provisions and contact us if you have any questions.

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