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Leading-Edge Technology



Our state-of-the-art, scalable, web-based marketing and administrative platform is designed to allow our partners to easily manage their entire MBA product portfolio in one centralized location. Key features include:


eRating - Designed specifically to ensure the most accurate plan and rate information available when protection plans or other products are offered. Provides partners with the ability to pull Dealer Management System (DMS) data, decode VINs and view vehicle-specific rates and plans.


eContracting - Enables on-demand printing of fully customized contracts that include any additional coverage options selected, state-specific language, time and mileage terms, and the selected deductible.


eRemittance - Provides the ability to quickly and accurately calculate and prepare customized invoices for all contracts.


Integration with most of the leading DMS systems, eliminating duplicate data entry requirements and saving valuable sales and administrative time


Centralized claims administration, significantly accelerating the claims process, reducing service professional resources, and driving customer satisfaction. Express payment options provide for claims payments within two hours of submission


Advanced reporting capabilities providing real-time customized information to help our partners better manage their business  





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