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Tire and Wheel Coverage

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Repairing or replacing tires and wheels can be an expensive proposition, especially when custom wheels and specialty tires are involved. Our Tire and Wheel coverage pays for costs due to damage from road hazards such as rocks, tree limbs and other debris, with optional coverage for cosmetic and curb damage.


Partner Benefits

 –  Increased number of customers utilizing the dealership's maintenance services

 –  Increased visibility with customers resulting in repeat vehicle sales


Consumer Benefits

 –  Repair or replacement of factory wheels and/or tires damaged by road hazards such as potholes,

     rocks, tree limbs and other debris

 –  Coverage includes mounting, balancing, valve stems and taxes for replacement tires

 –  Reimbursement for on-the-spot tire repair of a flat tire or installing a spare

 –  Reimbursement for towing if the tire cannot be repaired and the spare is not usable or available

 –  Choice of coverages (tires and wheels with option to include cosmetic and curb damage)

 –  Choice of terms (one to five years)

 –  No deductible for tire and wheel repairs or replacements

 –  Transferable to next owner of the vehicle, enhancing resale value

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Tire and Wheel Coverage